Arriving Feb 2019 - Victoria Ghost Chairs

White Chiavari Chair

160 Available

White Bentwood Chair

120 Available

Black Bentwood Chair

120 Available

Black Chiavari Chairs

160 Available

Gold Chiavari Chair

160 Available

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The Main Event is the Best Place for Quality Furniture Hire for Your Event or Wedding! 

​        The Main Event for Quality Hire Chairs, Hire NZ Kauri Tables and Hire Cutlery

Antique White Crossback Chair (new to range) 

160 Available

Bronze Crossback Chair (new to range) 

150 Available

Tan with White Wash Crossback Chair

200 Available

Ghost Chiavari Chair (clear)

160 Available

Wooden Crossback Chairs


Chiavari Chairs (AKA Tiffany Chairs)

Wooden Bentwood Chairs


Q. Why is it important to have the right hire chair for your event?

A. Stylish hire chairs can make a huge difference to the look, feel and mood of your event. Choosing a modern, classic hire chair is without a doubt one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to transform your venue space and put your own personal touch on your event. Selecting the right chairs will set the tone and keep your guests comfortable too. See our Inspiration page for ideas.

​Q. Why would I choose a chair instead of a chair cover?

A. BECAUSE THEY LOOK SO MUCH BETTER!!!! (Unless you are trying for a 1970's or 1980's theme for your event) Most stylists would agree that a modern chair will look significantly better than a chair with chair cover. See our Inspiration page for ideas.

Q. Are hire chairs expensive?

A. Most clients are surprised to learn that in most cases the cost of a stylish hire chair is similar to hiring a chair cover.  

Chairs - From as little as $9.50 (Including GST)

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Please Note a Delivery & Pick Up Fee May Apply

Caramel Crossback Chair (new to range) 

150 Available